About Us


TOOLCO is a privately held corporation founded in 1982 by William H. Tustian as an alternative source of precision tooling for the powder metal parts industry. With a lengthy history of tool design engineering for a PM parts producer and a PM tool and die manufacturer, he understood the symbiotic relationship between the part producer and the tool supplier. He also understood the critical nature that accurate tooling played in successful part production. His driving premise was a determination to produce the finest tooling in the industry. To that end, he assembled a nucleus of highly-skilled and experienced tooling engineers and toolmakers. Over time, he fulfilled his long-range vision to provide his employees with both the work environment and equipment to facilitate their effectiveness and foster pride in their craft and company.

After more than thirty years, TOOLCO has seen some of its competitors fall by the wayside, while we have been at the forefront of technological advances in the powder metal industry. Although TOOLCO continues to provide¬†conventional prototype and production PM tooling, we also produce powder metal preform and forging tooling, elevated-temperature and alternative energy tooling. We supply PM tooling throughout the North American continent and to off-shore emerging markets. Our design and engineering expertise includes a familiarity with our customers’ presses and a proven track record with parts of all types – gears, cams, sprockets and structural parts of complex geometries. We not only design custom tooling, with our advanced capabilities we can assist you with your part design or reverse engineer and restore your undocumented legacy tooling.¬†TOOLCO also performs precision CNC grinding and milling of aerospace components.

Why should you choose TOOLCO as your tooling source?

  • Our responsiveness to our customers’ needs
  • Our experience, knowledge and innovative solutions
  • Our respect and adherence to all proprietary needs of our customers
  • Our confidence in the integrity and experience of our staff and our product

But don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call – or better yet, pay us a visit. We’d welcome the opportunity to contribute to your success!

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