Toolco Inc.

The premier source for
Powder Metal Tooling

A Passion for Perfection

After three decades of providing exceptional tooling to the powder metal industry, TOOLCO has earned a reputation for integrity. Our reputation is as strong and uncompromising as the tools we produce. Our customers know they can count on us to make it right, and make it right quickly. When seeking trust and reliability in a partner, look no further than TOOLCO. With TOOLCO, you gain the distinct advantage of having a partner that excels at problem-solving and delivering cost-effective measurable results, whatever the challenge.


The cost of technology is the price leaders pay for staying in the vanguard of their field. TOOLCO has always invested heavily in new and emerging technologies. It’s the reason we’ve retained our competitive edge. We know that technology is a tool the wise use to get to the future first.

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Innovation, not Imitation

Customers have always relied on TOOLCO for innovative solutions, not merely service. We’ve partnered with customers to aid in the development of new parts and have pioneered in powder metal forging, elevated temperature and alternative energy tooling. At TOOLCO, sophisticated CNC machining is the order of the day at every stage of the toolmaking process. It reduces errors, increases consistency and frees up time for other tasks. Fresh thinking and advanced capabilities are the reasons our customers keep coming back.


Let’s not overlook our most important asset – our people and the obvious pride they take in their craft. They understand the necessity for attention to detail and appreciate the ongoing investment in technology resulting in a consistently high quality product. Their loyalty, dedication and skill allow for accuracy and quick turnaround. There is simply no substitute for experience. It’s the key to helping customers solve problems, improve designs, reduce cost and ultimately grow their business.

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